Fish farm and tourism resort with an area of 736 hectares estimated at 7.360.000 million EURO

6. Conclusions

Taking into consideration the above presentation, we believe that the Danube Delta and the area previously described offer a great potential for the simultaneous development of two large, very profitable activities: aquaculture and tourism, and the possibility of a very fast initial investment recovery.

The Danube Delta (the 3 rd delta in Europe) attracts only 70,000 tourist per year, 14 times less than other smaller deltas, like the French delta (Delta Camarague) or the Italian delta (Delta del Po), because:

- there are only 191 authorized accommodation units
- the Danube Delta is poorly promoted outside Romania
- of the lack of infrastructure and the water supply.

In C.A. Rosetti–Letea–Periprava area, just near our property, recent investments were made and a small modern town was built in this paradise for those who want to discover the wild nature. The accommodation cost in this resort is 100 euro/day.

Finally, we mention the fact that all the investments and contracts belong to a single company that does not have any other unrelated activities. Thus the shares transfer can be easily done.

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Danube Delta Dunarii