Fish farm and tourism resort with an area of 736 hectares estimated at 7.360.000 million EURO

1. Brief presentation of the selling offer and the investment

Danube Delta Dunarii

1.1 Our proposal

          SC ECOTURISM DELTA DUNARII SRL gives you the possibility to transform an investment that is in a conservation status in a very successful business, in one of the most preserved locations from the Danube Delta, an interest zone for tourists from all around the world. If you have the financial resources for this investment with a high potential of obtaining profit, OR if you have knowledge of someone with this kind of resources, please consult our offer and our strategy on how to obtain great profits. 

We offer three possibilities of investment:

          1. In case of partnership, 1.750.000 EUR, the selling price of 50% of the investment

          2. In case of acquiring the whole investment, 3.500.000 EUR, the selling price of the whole investment

          3. Or we sell 51% of the investment for only 1.100.000 EUR, but this would give the investor the obligation to respect our strategy and build the all inclusive resort with his own budget and give us 30% of his profit yearly, but no less than 1.100.000 EUR/year.

1.2 The Offer

S.C. ECOTURISM DELTA DUNARII S.R.L. based in Bucharest, with evaluated investments of 7,360,000 EUR, presents you the selling offer of the company’s shares.

The investment location:

          South-Eastern Europe, country: Romania (a country member of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization), area: Danube Delta.

          Our company owns an investment in a state of conservation, on an area of 736 hectares of land, in the Danube Delta, with the following assets:

  • fish farm
  • building complex
  • holiday cabin complex

We invite you to:

  1. Contact us if you are interested and you have financial resources for this project.
  2. Search for possible investors who wish to acquire our company and obtain profit after implementing our strategy. (We offer an intermediary commission of 10% of the selling price and we have an intermediary contract, both in Romanian and English, for this collaboration.)

          If you are interested in a collaboration with our company please e-mail us at:

1.3 Potential investors

a) An investment company or an individual, interested in obtaining high profits
-after buying our company or partnering with us, can implement an investment profitability plan, preferably in partnership with companies specialized in aquaculture and tourism, and with minimum additional investments to gain excellent profits.
b) Individuals or companies interested in owning an exclusive residential area
-the investment can provide a secluded place, with restricted access, in an exclusive area with an unique landscape, in the middle of the wild nature.
        To the investors interested in buying an investment with high profitability potential, we recommend a plan that allows the simultaneous development, on the same 736 hectares (1,819 acres) surface, of two large, very profitable activities:

  • Tourism
  • Aquaculture
  • Agriculture